Senin, 15 Maret 2010

if you know I really miss you guys

I miss you guys at the time together

marsella iskandar (My best friend from jhs until now)

shinta maulidya dan shelayusmayanti
(This is also the best friends while in shs until now)

prasetyo (friends at school who was always there when I need him in school)

retma rosela nurkayanty (My little friend is very naive)

polepel friends (teammates in jhs who acted funny and hilarious)

Tambah Gambar Tambah Video
jihan,nevy,putri (my friends in jhs grade 9) there are so funny friends

Menghapus Format dari  bidang pilihan
edy's family (schools car same like the school bus to transport pupils to school)
puti,yanty,fitria,tifaany dan anak yg lainya

marsella, sarita (playmates who go always together)

sarita,keke,nadila,shelayus (a friend tonight to go to hihahii)

sharpletto (formed a group which comprise another school friend)

9C (friends in class grade 9)

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  1. wah fotonya bagus juga... :)